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-For my fathi_jae wih LOVE -

Happy Birhday Fathi !Collapse )
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Special For My Karin ~
And Cute Things For YunJae Lovers too ^^

Happy Birthday - NEWS

Listen to this song and enjoy my entry for you dear <3

Happy Birthday Dear~Collapse )</div>
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After being molested by Yunnie in the previous post, now is time for JaeJae bullies Yunho XD


Today is YunJae day for me...

So Freaking Happy now <3333333333333333

P/s : Ignore my Lame caption plz >///< My mind is full of YunJae now lolz
JaeJoongie bullies Yunnie XDCollapse )JaeJoongie bullies Yunnie XDCollapse )

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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Zoom In Zoom in XD

More Cap from All abt DBSK 3

Yunnie having really happy time molesting his Joongie XD


Rape YunJae XDCollapse )

Credit: As tag + baidu
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They are so In Love !!!!!!

YunJae Love in the AirCollapse )

Credits: yoonhojaejoong.com
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Seaside - DBSK/SHINee/Super Junior SM Town Summer 09

So Hawaiii XDDDDD

Shake Shake Shake ~~~~

For no reason, I feel like dancing around coconut tree when listening to this song XDDD

After those Dark days, this song brings me SUMMER feel >D

[창민] Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea

(유천:Hello) Amigo!

[윤호,동해] Bring it on now, put ‘em shades on, put ‘em in your pocket don’t you wanna go girl, Gacha gacha yeah, Shaka shaka hey!

[창민] 쏟아지는 햇살 그 사이로 핑크 비키니 아가씨

[유천] 아직 떠나지 말아요 [준수] 나의 맘을 가져요

[All]차들은 씽씽 달려 달려 (샤랄랄랄랄라) 라디온 붐붐 come on come on --------

[재중] Baby! Baby! 후회는 날려 버려 --------

[윤호] 너무 지루해 Sea-side 휴게소 --------

[준수] Baby! Baby! 후회는 날려 버려 ---------

[유천] Seaside, that’s right, people love each other, take a ride Hot girl, please don’t take off, bring your make up, move your hot butt, yeah -  >> Chunnie ah~ Move ur hot butt XDDD

Credit : Jenpooable + DNBN
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Forget All About Stupid things Happened these days !!!

All I can see is "MY SWEET YUNJAE IS BACK !!!!!!"'

Oh~ How I love Yunho's hand on Jae's body XDDDDDDD

My mind is full of fluffy now XD

Enjoy~YunJae SweetCollapse )

Credit : As Tag + YunJaebar
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No need to take more about what is GOING ON now !





F*CK OFF F*CK OFF X 3243245385432432543
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My second entry abt YunJae in the Please be Mine photobook.

I feel like hurt myself everytime when I write that down "Over 300 pages, there is None really YJness T_______________T"

Okey~ it's true *cry*

But you know, YunJae truly in love with each other XD and their love too much HOT for the fan, that why XD SM hide their love from us T__________T

However...... Not thing can stop YunJae's lover find out YunJae's love XD

The more they (SM) try to hide YJ the more precious their moment is !

Let's see what we got XD I'm sure that you girls will love the two YJness here ^^

Click to cheer up ur YunJae's moodCollapse )

Credit : 怿茗_YoonJae@Baidu
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Please repost with full credit ^^

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There is None really YunJae in the Photobook but .....

YunJae's fans can't let it like that

Let's see what an Amazing YJ's lover bring us XDDDDDDD

Original ver

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And now, a so So so Cute and sweet yet humorous FanArt

A duck can't make us apartCollapse )

Bonus Two YunJaeness @ Mirotic Beijing Concert in the entry XD

Credit : Tag on Pic
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Take out with Full Credit
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